Friday, October 30, 2015

Usually Right vs. Facebook

So... it's Friday, October 30, 2015. I haven't updated my blog since September 17th...

As previously noted, I've been spending my "blogging" time on Facebook.

Facebook is good and bad. Good in the sense that I get a larger, wider audience; bad in the sense that when people (particularly those I count as "the good guys") disappoint me by refusing to acknowledge reality... it hurts.


I hate everyone... or so it must appear at times.


Well... being 100% honest... I kinda do.

I see our country going down the tubes... and as if the Sheeple demographic weren't enough to depress me, I'm also forced to acknowledge that even most of my own "allies" in thought and basic philosophy are unwilling to accept the honest to God truth that there's simply NO ONE in politics whom we can trust.

I'm not gonna reiterate - let alone re-post - all the posts and comments I've made on Facebook over the past days and weeks concerning the budget deal that just cleared the House yesterday... (the REPUBLICAN House)... and the Senate (the REPUBLICAN Senate) early this morning...

(In the middle of the night in fact...)


But I will tell you this:

I no longer trust Ted Cruz... or Rand Paul... or Mike Lee.

These men represent the "Tea Party" in the U.S. Senate... and the galling truth is that they didn't even mount a serious attempt to filibuster - and thus stop - the "Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015" from becoming law.

Rand Paul straight out lied to us - deliberately deceived us; tried to pull a fast one by cynically and deceitfully advancing the illusion that he was trying to stop the budget bill from passing. He wasn't. My various Facebook posts on the issue should prove the truth of what I'm saying to all but the most partisan "Paul Lovers" among you.

And "my" guy... Ted Cruz... I have no idea why he didn't do more to try and stop this bill that he railed against... railed again but didn't filibuster against.

Mike Lee? I don't know. I just spend five minutes on the phone with a member of his staff and came away understanding no more than I did before the exchange. The staffer will be "passing my comments on to the Senator."


And over in the House... we have Paul Ryan. Yea.


I'm just totally disheartened... and disgusted.

ONE... MORE... TIME...

A Heritage Foundation analysis finds that federal spending in 2016 was already expected to climb by more than $200 billion. This was to be a 5 percent rise in outlays in a year when inflation is barely above zero.

Under this budget deal, the spending caps rise by an extra $80 billion over two years, the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) slush fund receives another $147 billion in “emergency spending,” and the debt limit is suspended through March 15, 2017.

So now we are going to see a $430 billion hike in spending in 2016. That’s close to a12 percent spending spree.

The caps and sequester are dead. All fiscal discipline is tossed out the window.

There are no spending reforms, no program eliminations, no new caps to stop the blizzard of borrowing that has lifted the debt ceiling into the near $20 trillion stratosphere.


Well, folks; that's that. This is what a REPUBLICAN Congress has given us. This is what REPUBLICAN Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and that fake, phony, fraud Marco Rubio have FAILED to effectively even ATTEMPT to derail.


To those of you who only read my blog entries... please start reading my Facebook posts.

For those of you who only read my Facebook posts and commentary... please bookmark my blog and check it out every so often.

Several of my friends on Facebook are... bringing me down. This observation isn't a preface to a "bashing," but simply an explanation for why I'm probably gonna be concentrating on my blog postings rather than Facebook postings for awhile. Frankly... it's less painful to not be disappointed by people than it is to be unread by people.


So... to those friends... (and you know who you are)... please don't take either this post or any "pull-back" from Facebook interaction as a "diss." It's not. It's simply... mental self-preservation.

Truth be told, I'd probably be better off if I were tune out of "the news" totally - for awhile at least. Clearly these hammer blows... these betrayals but "my" presidential candidates... by "my" Senators... are having a negative effect upon my ability to "chat" with even my friends without upsetting either myself, my friends, or both.

To those on Facebook who have managed - bothered - to slog through this perhaps self-indulgent ramble... thanks for that; thanks for being my Facebook friends.

Anyway... that's it for now.


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