Friday, August 7, 2015

Concerning Last Night's GOP Debate

Actually... to clarify... the second debate...

I missed the initial debate. Heard "Carly" won... but I can't really comment since I haven't watched yet.


So... I'd like you guys to read two "posts" before continuing to read this post:

1) Me! (A previous Usually Right post.)

2) Mark Styne

OK... so... here goes...

I'm BEGGING you people... BEGGING you... please make up your own minds! Don't let the media tell you what your opinions should be. Don't let peer pressure influence you. To the media this is a horse race... a "sporting" event... ENTERTAINMENT...


Those of you who watched the debates... 


And for those of you who didn't watch the debate...



This $hit is important! Our country is in DEEP $hit! Time to be friggin' responsible adults, folks!


Notice: I've been neglecting this blog in favor of spending more time posting on FaceBook. If you like "Newsbites" then you should be following my posts on FaceBook. Basically... I'm posting my newsbites there more often than not, nowadays.

KNOW WHAT THE F--K YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! I'm friggin' BEGGING you! And while reading what I post here and on FaceBook will help you with that... you need to get your asses in gear and do your own damn research as well! And by "research" I don't mean just scanning the headlines; I mean reading and QUESTIONING what you're reading and then doing your own fact-checking!

Folks... I know most of you who "follow" me ALREADY do this... so consider my "rantings" a plea to... er... convince your family, friends, and colleagues to PAY ATTENTION...!!!



As to MY thoughts on last night's "debate"...


Here's how I'd "handicap" the results on style and substance:

I detest Chris Christie. Last night's format was "his" format, though. He helped himself.


Rand Paul? I love Rand Paul! He... hurt himself.

The big "Paul vs. Christie" dust-up over mass government surveillance... Paul won on substance... Christie kicked Paul's ass on style... on debate.


Folks... my own daughter was cheering Christie's call to rip the Constitution to shreds! (The only bright spot regarding this... I convinced her that if she felt this way that the proper way to "get her way" was via a Constitutional Amendment.)

Folks... the American Sheeple by and large don't "know" the Constitution... don't "know" the philosophical underpinning of our nation's founding... and frankly... they don't give a damn that they don't know.


I'm libertarian-leaning. Most folks aren't. Most people are sheeple... neocons... neocon sheeple... Leftists... neocon Democrats...


Most folks are too propagandized - and too stupid - to understand what the heck Rand Paul is talking about.


Cruz? He did well. A bit stiff... but he got better as the night wore on. The question is... were viewers paying attention?

Kasich? He talked out of both sides of his mouth. Again... the question is... how many noticed?


Walker? He did well. "Winners" column.

Huckabee? Hate his friggin' guts... but... as with Christie... this was Huckabee's format! He's a performer. He performed! Well.


Rubio? He did ok. I suppose if I have to put him into either the "winners" or "losers" column I'd have to choose the former. I don't like Rubio. I don't trust him. I know what his actual record is. Do many other folks? No. Do many other folks even care? Again... no. Did many notice that while Rubio did a fine job in pointing to problems he didn't actually propose any solutions? Doubtful.

Ben Carson? DOCTOR Ben Carson! He did fine. Does it matter? No.

Trump? I wasn't impressed. Is he a "winner" or a "loser?" The polls - and "professional analysis" - are all over the place. Regardless of polling results... I'd place Trump in the "losers" column simply because he didn't kick ass. (Gingrich in 2011/12 was much better at taking on the debate "moderators" and his fellow candidates.)

Bush...??? Folks... the man outright said he was STILL for "a path to citizenship" for ILLEGAL aliens... and yet that's not the headline of the morning!


Both the MSM and the so-called "conservative" media overwhelmingly want Bush to be the GOP candidate. That's huge. Is it gonna be enough? I hope and pray, "not!"

In a sense... at least for now... it doesn't really matter what Bush says. Unless he out-Trumps Trump in terms of running his mouth... the media is gonna buoy him.

Anyway... that's my rough take.


Danny Maguire said...

Why did Kasich speak out of both sides of his mouth? I listened carefully and didn't get that at all. He isn't a true conservative at all.... but he is definitely a republican and certainly not a neocon one.

William R. Barker said...

Apparently you didn't listen closely enough, Dan.


Here... allow me to cut and paste from a FB page comment on the topic:

Kasich basically took the traditional liberal democrat position that, "Hey! It's free money! If Washington is giving out money it's my job to grab all I can!"


Isn't that the kind of "math" we're fighting against?

Nothing about this "free money" having strings attached. Nothing about it being BORROWED "free money" with the debt being piled upon the shoulders of American taxpayers not even born yet...


Oh...! And Kasich's secondary point: "Hey! It's for the downtrodden! It's for the old... it's for the children... it's about HELPING people."


Again... isn't that supposed to be Hillary's line... Sander's line... not a Republican line?

Again... nothing about deficit spending... ("Deficit spending?! WHAT deficit spending...?!?!)

Nothing about ever-growing debt...


So, no, folks; I'm not a Kasich fan.