Sunday, March 29, 2015

I... Friggin'... Hate... Walmart...!!!

Yes... I know... so many reasons to hate Walmart...


But here's the latest:

For years Mary and I have been going to Walmart to get our photos developed. We wait till we have over 100 (so it only costs 15-cents per photo) and then we head over and use their photo machine to edit (mostly crop) our photos and order the prints that we want along with a digital archive disc.

A bit time consuming... but it has worked for us for years!

So... today... off to Walmart we go - prepared to "do our photo thing."

First thing I notice... new machines.

Well, folks...


...guess what?


The shiny new machines Walmart now has...

(*PAUSING; SLOWING COUNTING TO TEN*) not allow uses to crop.

I... am... not... a... happy... camper...!!!

I do not like change! I do not like having to change the way I do something when the way I did it was perfectly adequate to the task at hand!

Now I guess I have no choice but to do my cropping via my home P.C.


Any suggestions on which (free) program to use? Basically the only thing I do is crop and at times adjust the lighting/coloring if the actual shot came out too dark.


michelle said...

William, I just use the edit option with my Windows photo viewer. It does the basics

jahnghalt said...

Try Irfanview - stable, easy.

Click, drag crop window. .

saves under new (or old as default) filename.

allows gamma, brightness, contrast, color adjustment.

Is it obvious I use this a lot (for ten years)?

Avoid the photo-editor bundled with Vista and Win-8 (not sure about Win-7) - which *overwrites* the source file.

And what about Costco to print?

William R. Barker said...


I'll check into it!

The printing... once I have the editing done it's simply a matter of the least expensive reputable printing option.