Friday, May 7, 2010

SERIOUSLY, GANG... Check Out My Nephews...!!!

Folks... friends and cyberfriends... guys and gals who have simply found yourselves here via a "keyword alert" or link... check out my nephew's band.


They're really good!!! They really are or I wouldn't be wasting your time, folks...

Listen... it's the American Dream, right... striking out on your own against the odds, starting with nothing and making yourself a success...?!?!

These kids started their band years ago... the two older boys - Sean and Dom - were playing back when they were still in elementary school for Christ's sake!

Basically, all three all "self-taught" musicians. They just have a gift.

Sean is a hell of a song writer and young Brendan - who's not even done with high school yet - is just a phenomenon on guitar.

Shaun Rhoades ("Black Shaun," I call him... me being me and all...) ain't half frigg'n bad either!


Rounding the boy's band out is nephew Dom - he of the Mohawk haircut - banging on the drums and sharing the "lead vocals" title with nephew Sean.

Listen... google 'em independently! These guys are the real deal! They tour with artists you've heard of!

Anyway... I'm just so proud of them and so I'm passing that pride on through this post.

Pass this info on, folks... I'd appreciate it.

Just pass on the website; the more folks who hear of them... well... you know me folks... your friend Bill's eventual retirement comfort is based in part on these boys getting real successful and making lots of money...!!!

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