Monday, March 22, 2010

Tip of the Hat to Oli Mackson

Who's Oli Mackson?

Oli's a reporter for my local rag, The Times Herald-Record.

Between us, folks, Oli should be running the rag - in which case it wouldn't be a rag - but he's not and more's the pity...

Anyway... I've known Oli for, oh... probably a couple of decades now - perhaps over 20 years. We don't chat much nowadays, but Oli's a good reporter and every once in awhile we still exchange thoughts and opinions.

This afternoon Oli was kind enough to forward me a link to a retraction made by Politico concerning a story they had published on Friday which turned out to be based upon a fake memo.

The reason the above referenced link Oli sent me is of interest here is that the retraction concerned a story I highlighted within "Barker's Newsbites" on Friday.

Now I've already noted the "bad info" and provided the link to the retraction within the Comments Section of my Friday newsbite thread, but you guys know how anal I can be about separating truth from fiction.

Even as the scumba... er... incompetents at Politico have now seeming "replaced" the original story with a notification blaming certain "unnamed Republicans" I'll take direct responsibility for "forwarding" the Politico's blunder to my readers.

Mea culpa!

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